Barwidgee Lavender Gift Packs
Named after wildflowers of the nearby high plains, Barwidgee Lavender Gift Packs combine selected products with beautiful packaging suitable for giving to a lucky friend or to keep on hand as a last-minute gift. We can also tailor-make Gift Packs to your request.

Everlasting Gift Pack
A selection designed to help you unwind and indulge your senses.

  • Lavender Massage Oil
  • Lavender Bubble Bath
  • Lavandula angustifolio Essential Oil

  • Eyebright Gift Pack
    A selection design for everyday nurturing and care.

  • Lavender Massage Oil
  • Lavender Hand Cream
  • Lavender and pure olive oil soap

  • Speedwell Gift Pack
    A selection designed to make you feel revitalised and refreshed.

  • Lavender Body Lotion
  • Aromamist Face Spritzer
  • Lavender Lip Balm

  • Barwidgee Lavender Gift Vouchers
    Barwidgee Lavender Gift Vouchers give your loved-ones the opportunity to make their own selections from our special skincare, body, bath and aroma-therapy products.

    Lavender Hand Cream (120ml)
    This is an ultra rich and nourishing hand cream, perfect to soothe and repl enish dry, damaged skin.

    An exquisite blend of essential oils, including lavandula angustifolia, grown and distilled on our farm, give this cream a beautiful floral perfume.

    Lavender Body Lotion (250ml)
    A nourishing yet silky body lotion, ideal for all skin types, particularly dry skin. With a unique and luxurious blend of replenishing fruit and nut oils to deeply hydrate your skin.

    The vibrant floral - citrus perfume of bergamot essential oil blends beautifully with the fresh, soothing perfume of lavender essential oil.

    Lavender Bubble Bath (200ml)
    A unique blend of pure essential oils, herbal extract and nourishing plant oils, create a relaxing aromatherapy bubb le bath to moisturise and condition your skin , and soothe and calm the senses.

    The classic floral perfume of pure lavandula angustifolia essential oil, and the citrus perfume of bergamot oil, combine to create a soothing and cal ming blend.

    Lavandula angustifolio Essential Oil (12ml)
    Pure Australian Essential oil, distilled from selected lavandula angustifolia plants, grown and harvested on our farm.

    Highly valued for its aromatherapy qualities as a soother, calmer and balancer.

    Lavender Lip Balm
    A natural and gentle lip balm.

    Fruit and nut oils combined with lavender essential oil, create a nourishing and soothing effect.

    Lavender Massage Oil (200ml)
    A rich and luxurious blend of fruit and nut oils for the ultimate relaxation massage. Lavender essential oil, valued for its relaxing, calming and balancing properties, together with rose hip oil creates a rich and sensual oil leaving skin soft, supple and silky smooth.

    Lavender Soap
    A natural and moisturising soap made from olive oil and lavender essential oil. Excellent for sensitive skin.

    Aromamist Face Spritzer (50ml)
    A revitalising spray, made purely from floral water produced during the distillation of our lavender angustifolia. We have combined essen tial oils of lavender and bergamot to produce this special product. Great size to carry in your handbag and use when you need a lift.

    Lavender Linen & Room Spray (200ml)
    "flowers of distillation"

    Produced entirely from the distillation of our lavender essential oil - the floral water is highly valued as a room freshener, linen spray, or face toner. Will calm, balance and uplift

    Lavender Linen & Room Spray refill (500ml)
    Produced during the distillation of our lavender angustifolia.

    Wholesale enquiries welcome for:

  • Aromatherapy skin care products
  • Essential oil (lavandula angustifolia)
  • Stripped lavender (angustifolia, intermedia)